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Introducing the world’s first

all-in-one table-top tempeh maker

allowing people to prepare this delicious plant-based protein in the comfort of their own homes.

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What is tempeh?

It’s the world’s best kept protein secret!

>Tempeh fermentation is a food process that originated in Indonesia 300 years ago and involves taking soy beans and naturally transforming them into an even more nutritious, delicious and versatile food. 

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What are the benefits of tempeh?

  • It’s delicious!

  • It’s high in protein, fibre and vitamin B12.

  • It’s fermented, so it is packed with pre- and probiotics that are great for the gut!

  • It’s easy to cook - just season, sizzle and serve!

  • It’s very versatile, it can be cooked in all the same ways that meat is cooked traditionally

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Benefits of making

your own tempeh


With our food production system becoming increasingly complicated, our Tempeasy gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your food has come from and how it is produced. No more surprises and nasties, just good ol’ tempeh.


The Tempeasy produces significantly less waste than your typical foods as your tempeh never has to be packaged and the ingredients are distributed in as eco-friendly a manner as possible. Plus, tempeh is 100% plant - making it a far more environmentally-friendly source of protein than meat.



You can make tempeh from whatever you like! The Tempeasy allows you to use any legume, nut, grain or seed to create the best tempeh for you. Whether you’re training for a marathon or looking to lose weight, there’s a type of tempeh just right for you.

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Why have we created the Tempeasy?

Put simply, we need a better food system for our planet and the people inhabiting it. Our food demands are consuming precious resources that we can no longer afford to waste and meat-rich diets are crippling our health. We know that plant-based eating is a key way to alleviate this crisis. But, more than this, we believe that we need to give the control of where our food comes from and how it’s made back into the hands of those eating it. This is why we’re dedicated to decentralising the production of plant-based protein, to bring transparency, sustainability, and personalisation back to our food system.

Our story began after witnessing both ends of the crisis. We saw the devasting effects of meat-heavy diets on the living conditions of friends and family in the developed world. On the other hand, we met Edi, a young boy who lived on a rural island in Indonesia and suffered from protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) — an entirely preventable disease that kills 8,000 children every day — because he couldn't access an affordable source of protein. Helping people like them is what we mean by decentralizing plant-based protein production.

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Our vision

 > This is only the beginning! We’ve finalized the first prototype of our product, but we’re already working on developing it further. Our aim is to develop a fully automated version, whereby our customers can insert pods in a Nespresso-like manner and have fresh tempeh ready to enjoy 15 to 18 hours later (under half of the usual duration of the fermentation process!). Tempeasy - going veggie made easy! 

Tempeasy - See The Magic In Action

Tempeasy - See The Magic In Action

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